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"Our global mandate allows us to take a risk-based approach to allocating capital, with no

bias and open to any geographical region, sector or any division of a company or its asset base."

MINING & NATURAL RESOURCES, Importance of taking care of the environment?

KZM CAPITAL are  looking for a large and significant institutional investor in the South African mining and natural resources sector and is currently also evaluating mining and natural resources investment opportunities in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Egypt, Poland and the UAE. We have interest in South Africa based on our belief that the country and the mining and natural resources sector in particular is poised for substantial growth in the coming years.


As a brief background and overview; we invest into companies with strong management teams, including startups and established companies and we work closely with the founders and management teams that we invest into, providing the tools and resources they need to build lasting capabilities and a competitive advantage.

PRIVAT BANKING, Good Advice Makes a Difference

Prosperity, uncertainty and possibility. Our Active Wealth approach is grounded in a deep understanding of who our clients are, and has brought us the success we care about most: highly satisfied, loyal clients whose relationships with our span generations.

The premise is simple: good advice makes a measurable difference. For each client, we craft a customized strategy around five essential wealth practices: invest, borrow, spend, manage and protect. The support we provide around these practices empowers our clients to confidently navigate the unpredictable and unexpected.

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